Internet Infrastructure Protection Act 2020

2020 CHAPTER 6

An Act to prevent consumer espionage by the Chinese government
Bill ID B038
Author(s) The Rt Hon Charles Gladstone
Amended by N/A
First reading 2020 July 2
Royal assent 2020 August 23
Commencement 2020 August 23
Affected legislation N/A

1 Huawei 5G Ban

  1. Hereby forbids any contractor in the United Kingdom from using any further technology from Huawei in the construction of 5G or any other infrastructural networks, and encourages the usage of European contractors in their stead.

2 Extent, Commencement, and Short Title

  1. This bill applies to the whole United Kingdom
  2. This bill will commence upon royal assent
  3. This bill can be cited as the Internet Infrastructure Protection Act