Green Belt Protection Bill: Changelog

As amended

1 Repeal

  1. The Green Belt Reform Act 2020 is repealed in its entirety.

2 Ongoing Projects

  1. A development project in progress on land rezoned due to the Green Belt Reform Act may move forward if construction has begun or if the proposed development is low-income housing. Projects in progress that have not begun construction or are developing low-income housing will be reimbursed and cancelled unless it contributes to the environmental quality of the area. (Amendment A)

3 Aims for housing

  1. Instructs the minister of Housing to direct his department in ways he sees necessary to achieve the following set of aims
    1. To double the number of houses built, from 250,000 per annum to 500,000, over the course of the next decade
    2. To provide subsidies to developers who wish to built affordable housing, with affordable housing being defined as housing where the mean cost on the development to be under £190,000, with that figure to be reviewed annually
    3. To provide funds for the development of infrastructure in new developments, including schools, roads, rail and hospitals/doctors surgeries
    4. To increase the number of Council Houses built to a target to 20,000 per annum each year and to increase the total number of homes built by housing association and local authorities to 50,000 per annum
    5. The treasury shall ensure the achievement of these targets by providing appropriate funding.

4 Commission on Environmental Development

  1. Creates the Commission on Environmental Development, incorporated into the department of Housing, to make recommendations about the following:
    1. To work in Conjunction with the Ordnance Survey to identify areas of brownfield sites suitable for development while minimising environmental impact, for the purposes of governmental building, local council building and recommendation for developers.
    2. To declare certain areas as off-limits for development, including areas of outstanding natural beauty or of environmental or historical significance
    3. To work to preserve the environmental status of new developments, on the model of “garden cities”

5 Fair housing provisions

  1. Creates the Fair Housing Statute which states that any promise that developers make to local authorities or the Department of Housing about number of houses, infrastructure provisions are legally binding, and that violation of such a statute, as determined for the Department for Housing, will make the developer subject to fines determined by the department of housing.
  2. The scale of the fines shall be reviewed each year by the Department for Housing (Amendment B)

6 Extent, commencement, and short title

  1. This Act may be cited as the Green Belt Protection Act 2020.
  2. This Act comes into force on royal assent.
  3. This Act extends to the whole United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.